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Sundari is Sanskrit for beautiful. Welcome to Sundari Women.


Why Sundari Women?


Sundari Women is…

a celebration of older women owning their lives, accomplishments, strength, and beauty.

When I turned 50. I felt older women were not being represented in a positive light, if at all. Through speaking with other women about this, I discovered many feared aging and felt their best years were behind them. In short, they felt getting older “sucked”.

This upset me. I wasn’t afraid of aging.  I didn’t feel my best years were behind me. Aging does not take away from my value—it increases it. Beauty is a lifelong journey. As we age our beauty is accompanied by our experience, strength, wisdom, and hope. Time gives us these great gifts so we can share them with others.

I am very fortunate in having a near 30-year career as a professional photographer. I’m lucky to have a profession I love and one that feeds me creatively and emotionally. Portraits are my specialty and, having taken thousands throughout my career, they have earned me a reputation for capturing the true essence of my clients, particularly women. Many have graced my studio with their presence, from celebrities—Carrie -Anne Moss, Wendy Crewson, Gordon Ramsay, and Colin Mochrie, to name a few—to models, moms, mom-to-be, and future game changers.

I have gained valuable wisdom over the years listening to my clients. At one point I began dialoguing with women about aging. These conversations covered topics not often discussed in popular media, such as equating a woman’s value with her looks, and the obstacles of aging’s impact on careers and self-esteem. Many women inspired me while some, with their worries of becoming invisible, saddened me greatly. These women were many things, but one thing they were definitely not was invisible. I wanted to capture women over 40 to demonstrate getting older is a gift.  Grey hair and wrinkles do not take away from our beauty—they enhance it.

And so, Sundari Women was born

Sundari Women shows older women in a positive light. Aging is not something to hide or fix. I don’t want to become invisible or feel less worthy because I am getting older. No woman should be made to feel this way. Perpetuating fearful aging myths stymies opportunities to grow older with confidence, strength, dignity, and grace.

I want women to feel empowered through my photography. I want them to see themselves in a positive and nurturing light, to give themselves permission to embrace their wrinkles and the many changes they are going through. If our eyes are portals to our soul, our faces are its road map. Every journey is unique and worthy of attention.

Sundari Women has been a labour of love. I have learned so much from each woman I’ve photographed—and not just those in this book.  Many have come to my studio to capture their beauty as they grow older. I had the privilege of photographing an 80-year-old woman undergoing cancer treatment. She wanted a current picture capturing her indomitable spirit to give to her children and grandchildren, so they could be reminded of it after she has left this world.

The photographs in this book are a testament to the beauty of aging—they are strong, honest, sexy, and inspiring. The quotes each woman offers are gifts to remind us that as women, we are many things. I hope they open your eyes, your head, and your heart to embracing where you are in your life right now, and to own the power of being a woman. Being a woman and getting older is a privilege. Let’s inspire others and ourselves by embracing this power and privilege everyday. Time is on our side. We are not invisible. We are vibrant, glorious goddesses who deserve to be celebrated at every stage of our magnificent lives.

With love,

Helen Tansey


Sundari Woman Packages

Helen Tansey offers a variety of packages.

The most popular session is the individual session which is for women who want to capture where they are at this time in their lives. Woman either do this for themselves to empower and celebrate their life or as a gift for loved ones.

Helen also offers a Sundari Women package which is for a larger group of women ranging from 3-6 friends. This is a fun package for women who want to to celebrate their friendship. With this package Helen will take photos of the group and then individual photos of each woman.

The Sundari Women coffee table book. This book is full of beautiful photographs of over 40 women and each woman shares her wisdom of life with the reader. This the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.

Helen has also created a fun line of t-shirts that are perfect to wear casual or dress them up with a blazer and pants.


  • Sundari Woman session - $275 (if you would like to book makeup and hair it is an additional $150)

  • Sundari Women group - $500 (if you would like to book makeup and hair please let Helen know so that she can give you a customized quote.)

  • Sundari Woman coffee table book - $99

  • Sundari Woman t-shirt - $35

    * shipping for the book and t-shirt are not included in the pricing.


Sundari Woman Book

In this book, Helen Tansey works to redefine beauty standards. Inside are some of the most beautiful women with beautiful minds. They are portrayed simply, fine lines and grey hair. On the opposite page of their photo's these inspiring women share their wisdom, insight and thoughts about aging.
True beauty isn’t perfect, it is rooted in intelligence, vulnerability and emotional appeal. Helen Tansey has captured this with her stunning coffee table book. Over 80 pages of inspiring images and the wisdom of women.

Book size 13x11



Sundari Woman T-Shirt

Soft and versatile. Tailored for a flattering, feminine shape, this tee is made with a lightweight blend.



The Woman of Sundari



“Working with Helen the artist and, I think, the magician is contractual. I had agreed to ask her lens to explore my mature heart . I trust her absolutely. I am always confident that Helen will illuminate my soul, my vulnerabilities and wounds, my strengths and defenses and all surprising discoveries with  grace, respect and love . My faith and trust  in Helen's artistic boldness is boundless. And the older I get, the more she has to work with for sure. I look forward to lots more honest reflections of this wild ride into the sunset.”

70 years old



“Shooting with Helen Tansey for the Sundari Woman was an honor. The calm and confidence emanating from her allowed me to be me.
Her spirit connects with you, hence wonderful, beautiful real me pictures.
Helen uses her creative spirit with great aplomb.I am most grateful for this experience.”

74 years old



“Working with Helen over the past 25 years has always been a wonderful  experience. Helen has a magical way of helping me feel comfortable in front of the camera. Shooting with Helen is rewarding on many platforms. I am honored and loved being part of the Sundari Women book and team. It gave me pause to remember who I was, who I am now and do I like where I'm heading. Most importantly I realized aging is a beautiful gift not a rite.  I thank the talented, loving, passionate, and creative Helen for taking fantastic pictures of me over the years. I also thank Helen for giving us a platform to share our knowledge which will hopefully inspire others and show our common conclusion.”

Love yourself.  

56 years old.



“I first met Helen when she took my head shots for acting and then again for the Sundari Women book. I work in an industry were getting older is not celebrated and when Helen asked me to be apart of the Sundari Women book I was humbled. Through Helen’s gentle nature she was able to capture some of the most beautiful photos I have ever had. She made be feel beautiful about who I am at this time in my life. Thank you Helen for sharing your passion and helping woman feel good about getting older.”

43 years old.



“Sitting for Helen for is like engaging in a conversation with a friend: a friend who puts me at ease via their subtle gift of bringing the moment. It’s collaboration as natural as breathing. No forced smiles, no discomfort, simply two women working together in the spirit of celebrating the longevity of beauty.”

57 years old.


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